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Measuring equipment and instrumentation


Temperature Measurement – High Performance Infrared Pyrometers

  • Single-wavelength : selection of specific wavelengths in narrow band
  • Dual, multi-wavelength : independent of emissivity variations and of partial field of view
  • Specific galvanizing, annealing, aluminium, special steels, non-ferrous… applications
  • Steam, dust, smoke, flame… interfaces
  • Laser or optical integrated pointer
  • Fiber optic option
  • Leruste & Cie European Service Center



Force Measurement – Process Measurement for Rolling Mills

  • Load cells for stands (5-year warranty)
  • Interstand tensiometers (5-year warranty)
  • Laser velocimeters (5-year warranty)
  • Fluid Pressure Transducers (FPT)
  • Stereoscopic widthgages, with or without backlight
  • Crop shear optimization – yield improvement

BLH Nobel

Force Measurement


  • Coil weighing
  • Overhead crane weighing
  • Ladle, slab, transfer-car… weighing
  • Tensiometers for process lines
  • Commercial weighing
  • Simplified integration with axis replacement
  • Tolerance to thermal expansion, vibrations…
  • Independent and modular electronics


Laser Systems for Profile and Thickness


  • Diameter, ovality, straightness, surface defects
  • Wires, bars, tubes, profiles
  • For hot rolling mills and cold rolling
  • Strips and foils : thickness laser gauges
  • Design for harsh environments

Galvalibs by Tecnar

Metal Bath Chemistry Sensors

for Continuous Hot Galvanizing Lines

  • Real-time and continuous accurate multi-element bath composition (Zn, Al, Fe, Mg, Si…)
  • Continuous monitoring of the dross level in suspension in the bath
  • Most precise and accurate bath level in the industry

LUT by Tecnar

Wall Thickness Gauges for Seamless Tube Hot Rolling Mills

  • Direct and precise wall thickness measurement
  • Detect and quantify eccentricity
  • Very high outer diameter range
  • Measurement accuracy unaffected by the environment : water, dirt, tube motion, presence of mandrel
  • No continuous recalibration required
  • Proven industrial reliability of over 98%
  • No harmful radiation
  • Industry 4.0 ready


Optical Flatness Measurement

  • For plate mills, hot rolling mills, process lines
  • Plate flatness continuous measurement for routing, process improvement…
  • Numerous measurements according to norms and standards : I-unit, cross bow, long edges, long centre, ski, topography, width, off-center
  • Reports for quality assurance

Logika Technologies

Cameras and Sensors – Harsh Environments

  • Highly-protected cameras, retractable systems…
  • Applications : blast-furnace, converter, arc furnace, ladle metallurgy, vacuum degasing, continuous casting, slab reheating furnace, billet, annealing tunnel, bell annealing
  • HMD sensors, loop controllers, optical barriers
  • Cutting optimisation in continuous casting
  • Monitoring by IR vision of ladles, furnaces…