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Manufactured goods and consumables


Wear Plates – Sliding Plates 

  • For plate mills, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills
  • Plates for chocks, columns, stand bottoms, rocker plates, side guides…
  • Rails for sinter plants
  • Precision machining
  • Corc-g patented compound
  • Specific through-hardened grades


High Performance Casting Products 

  • Alloys for very high temperatures and for harsh environments
  • Centrifugal, static and precision castings
  • Precision machining and complex heat treatments
  • High-alloy steels
  • Dry rolls for industrial furnaces

Corts Engineering

Rollshop On-Site Engineering and Machining

  • Stand and chock geometry survey and control
  • Modernisation / Modification engineering
  • FEM modelisation
  • Stand and chock on-site machining
  • Cadno : portable roll profile measurement system


Oil Film Bearings : Parts, Service and Repair

  • Bushings, rings, seals, other parts
  • New supply
  • Repair

Karl Buch

Rolls for Rolling Mills – Calender Rolls

  • Cast work rolls for hot rolling mills 
  • Compound rolls tungstene carbide/cast iron for long products 
  • Calender rolls for paper and rubber industries 
  • Cast iron and alloy steel rolls 
  • Static and spun castings 
  • Grinding and repair services 
  • Special hot grinding and peripherical drilling capacities 


Rollers, Chocks – New and Repair

  • Know-how in thermal spray coating : arc, HVOF, plasma, powder, wire
  • Rolling mill rollers : table, loopers 
  • Strip treatment rollers : accumulators, tensioners, guiding 
  • Repair of chocks
  • Repair of rolls
  • Repair and machining of large parts